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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Solutions from Hutton

Hutton provides exceptional support of industry-leading distributed antenna systems products. Through its Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) segment, Hutton offers products ranging from small-scale repeater systems to large multi-carrier applications. By supplying quality equipment for both commercial carrier requirements and public safety enhancements, and possessing a knowledgeable team that truly understands customer needs, Hutton continues to be the leading distributor of DAS products.

From small facilities to large venues such as airports, stadiums, hospitals, hotels, and convention centers, Hutton offers carrier-class solutions. Hutton engineers provide extensive and detailed technical expertise to help support and educate Hutton customers. Hutton’s dynamic supply logistics organization allows customers to achieve timely installations to their end users.

Hutton offers these DAS benefits:

  • A stocking program with key DAS OEM partners
  • Bundling of materials for complete project shipment
  • Staging of materials at regionally located warehouses for timely and cost-effective project deliveries
  • Training and education, product recommendations, design assistance, and BOM development or review

The DAS market continues to expand due to ongoing requirements for both coverage and capacity. These needs are driven by the ever-increasing demands for high-data traffic, as well as ordinances requiring ubiquitous coverage of public safety communications. As the leading distributor of DAS solutions, Hutton is positioned to meet the needs and the future growth of the DAS industry.

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