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Cambium Networks New PTP 670:
Point-to-Point and High Capacity Multipoint Platform

Cambium Networks PTP 670 platform supports either Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint operations. This software defined platform provides up to 450 Mbps of capacity in either mode, offering flexibility and reliability for today's users. Operating in 4.9 GHz public safety band and also the 5-6.05 GHz unlicensed frequency bands, the PTP 670 offers multi-band flexibility in a single radio that operates in channels sizes from 5 to 45 MHz.

Point-to-Point and High Capacity Multipoint in a Single Solution

With the PTP 670, operators now have the flexibility to deploy not only in Point to Point topologies but also in High-Capacity Multipoint (HCMP) Applications. HCMP allows for up to 4 remote nodes (8 nodes in the roadmap) to connect to a single master radio opening up new deployment models that enable rapid deployment, simplify planning and by using the same hardware regardless of topology, a rapid return on investment in equipment and training.

Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO)

The challenging nature and complexity of these missions requires flexibility from systems that allow spectrum managers, network operators and implementation managers to negotiate changing program landscapes while staying within budgetary parameters. Dynamic Spectrum Optimization™ (DSO) is a unique capability offered by Cambium Networks that enables optimization of link performance by automatically sampling and changing channels to avoid interference without affecting link service.

PTP 670 is ideal for:
  • TDM (T1/E1) Legacy Replacement
  • Last-Mile Fiber Replacement or Extensions
  • Micro-cell and Small-Cell Backhaul
  • Last-Mile Access
  • Video Surveillance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Redundancy
  • Campus Connectivity (Building-to-Building)
  • Low Density Access for Telco's and Enterprise Service Providers
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